VIAMAR’s carefully handcrafted collection offers customers a convenient way to accessorize daytime and evening fashions. Wear the look of glamorous jewelry without the worry of losing expensive pieces. Featuring handset stones crafted from Cubic Zirconia and boasting precious metal finishes of authentic 14-karat gold and genuine rhodium, our products are designed for chic customers who seek to add that extra sparkle to their lifestyle. 





Our designers and buyers search the world for the most elegant designs and latest trends in jewelry. The highest quality standards for design, material sourcing and manufacturing are integral to the VIAMAR brand. The customer who buys VIAMAR rings and jewelry recognizes fine jewelry design, superior fashion quality and knows good value.

VIAMAR rings are designed and manufactured using the same processes as today’s fine jewelry pieces. Our designers create the rings and jewelry pieces using three dimension computer assisted technology. From these artistic designs and three dimensional renderings, the images are translated via computer to a wax carving tool which mills an exact 3-D wax model of the design. Around the wax model, a plaster mold is formed. The mold is heated in a kiln causing the wax to melt away, thus the name “lost wax process”. Molten metal is injected into the plaster cast, filling the voids left by the wax, and forming an exact metal duplicate of the design. The metal copy is released from the mold, hand polished and hand set with stones. Finally it is plated with the specified precious metal finish and hand polished again.



VIAMAR products are nickel free.

Base Metal – Fashion jewelry is affordable because the base metal is non-precious metal. VIAMAR uses brass base exclusively for the signature fashion ring and jewelry category.

Finishes – While there are a variety of metals for plating, only the best precious metal finishes are used for VIAMAR: genuine rhodium (a form of platinum) looks like silver, does not tarnish and is extremely durable and genuine 14-karat gold are the fine finishes on VIAMAR products.

You may notice that many VIAMAR rings have both finishes: rhodium (silver tone) and 14-karat (gold). We call this two-tone finishing and it is a more expensive process which brings added light and beauty to the set stones. 



VIAMAR rings and jewelry are set almost exclusively with high quality Cubic Zirconia stones.  Any pearls in Edco rings are simulated while the onyx, hematite, marcasite and mother of pearl are genuine.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is known as the ultimate diamond simulant. There is no synthetic gemstone on the market that has had greater impact on the jewelry industry. CZ is a created crystal gemstone made from metal, Zirconium Oxide, with another added component and heated to extremely high internal temperatures then cooled. As the molten materials cool, crystals are formed. From these crystals the cubic zirconia stones are cut. CZ stones measure 8.5-9.0 on the hardness scale which is very high. A diamond measures 10.