How do I care for my VIAMAR jewelry?

The simplest thing to remember about caring for a VIAMAR piece is to just treat it as if it were the real thing!  Do not wear it when doing any heavy work, cleaning, or exercise.  Chlorine, hand sanitizer, and perspiration can harm the finish.  If hand lotions or beauty products get onto the ring they can leave a film that attracts dirt and dust which may cause the stone to look cloudy.  This can easily be remedied by washing the ring in a solution of warm water with a small amount of liquid dish soap.  A very soft tooth brush may be used.  Rinse and pat the ring dry.  Enjoyment will last for many years.


What if a stone falls out of my ring?

For customers with a USA mailing address, please register via the website and return your ring to be repaired or replaced according to the return instructions. At this time we do not ship replacements outside of the USA.


Should I need to make a return will I get the same exact ring back?

We will strive to replace with the same style. However, we cannot guarantee it due to constantly changing styles, discontinued styles or low stock.  We reserve the right to substitute with a similar style of equal value.


Can a VIAMAR ring be sized?

No, this will not be a good idea. The finish will be damaged in the soldering process.


Will the finish turn my skin a different color?

For a very small number of people with highly acidic systems, the metals in the finish or the base metal may react with the chemistry in their system. This may cause some discoloration where the metal makes contact with the skin.


Are Viamar products nickle free?



When will my order ship?

All orders will ship within 1-2 business days.